In the name of equality, beautiful night sky laid above us. Repeatedly, conflicts occur over boarders around the world. Firework is the maximum cosmic entertainment, which lights up the borderless night sky. Since ancient time, fireworks have been carrying people’s wishes in Japan. Not for destruction, but for happiness, explosives make people smile as fireworks. We deliver hopes and wishes for peace by fireworks blooming in the night sky.

Our mission is to realize imagination. We never stop create new challenges. Thinking critically, not to take everything for granted, we overcome difficulties and move forward.
In the combination of new technology and traditions passed on, we conduct original fireworks show never seen.

Not only perfect completion of shells, one by one, but also direction of entire fireworks show, we cherish people’s whishes such as organizer, spectator, resident and entire community. We localize and customize our fireworks into various setting.

We strive for the absolute safety, as much as the best performance. It won’t be the greatest fireworks show with absence of safety, even if it seems fine. Quality control of products and tools, new technology usage, environmental protection, training for employees, with all the careful manners, we manage safe fireworks show.